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Coghlan's Map Compass

See-through filled base and rotating housingScales: inches, mm, 1:25000Liquid filledLiquid dampened needle with see -through base and rotating housing. Scales: inches, millimeter, 1:25,000.

Dakota Watch Co.

Dakota Watch Co. Digi Clip Watch - Silver

Compact and simple make the Mini Clip Digi-Clips sure fire hits.Hardside/Metal100 feet water resistantMoonglow E.L. functionMoonglow Electro Luminescent Dial Light 100 Feet Water Resistant Black Alloy Case Sandblasted Carabiner Arm Integrated Compass...


Coghlan's Pin-On Compass

Always uprightLuminous arrowSturdy plastic housingA liquid filled ball-type compass assures the dial is always upright. Luminous directional arrow and sturdy brass pin.