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Coghlan's Rubber Repair Kit

For vinyl, plastic or soft rubber itemsUseful for air mattressses, boots, wading pools, waders, and glovesCement: 0.30 Fl. Oz. (8.8 mL), 1 Metal Rasp, 4 rubber patches: 1.25" by 1.25" (3.2cm by 3.2cm), 1 rubber patch: 2.25" by 3.25" (5.7cm by 8.3cm)The...


Coghlan's AirStop

Contains sufficient glue for several small repairsCreates a permanent seal in minutesEasy to storeCreates a permanent seal in minutes. Can be used to repair any poly vinyl chloride material whether plain or PVC coated nylon or rayon. Can also be used to...