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UST Brands

UST Brands Survival Reflect Blanket

Conserves up to 90% body heatCan be easily seen from a distanceSize flat LxW: 83" x 52" (211 x 132cm)The Survival Reflect Blanket is a compact, lightweight, and waterproof emergency blanket that can be used for heat deflection or body heat insulation, as...


Coghlan's Bear Bell

Warns animalsExcellent for giving Mr. Bear a good chance to leave, so you don't startle him. Magnetic silencer turns the annoying ringing off when the bell is unnecessary. Attaches to clothing or pack with a Velcro strap. Movement causes a steady ringing...

UST Brands

UST Brands U-Dig-It Pro Folding Shovel

Collapses for storageUseful for clearing rocks/debris, burying waste, plant removal, scaling fish, and digging pits for campfiresMay also be used as a cooking utensil (can be heated)The U-Dig-It Pro Folding Shovel is a lightweight, versatile digging tool...

UST Brands

UST Brands Fire Starter Kit 1.0

Watertight Case 1.0 - Waterproof carrying caseWetFire Tinder - Universal lighting material (5 packages)SparkForce Fire Starter - Highly-dependable, flint-based fire starterThe Fire Starter Kit 1.0 has everything you need to start a fire in any conditions...

UST Brands

UST Brands Trekker Stormproof Lighter, Orange

Piezo-electric ignition lights up to 10,000 times and works when wetDesigned for wind and water resistance, they perform well up to an altitude of 8,000 feet (2,438 meters)Stormproof turbo flame withstands winds up to 80 mphThe Trekker Stormproof Lighter...