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Coghlan's Four Function Whistle for Kids

Includes Thermometer, Magnifier, and CompassEasy to carryHigh visibilityIncludes a Whistle, 2-scale Thermometer, Magnifier, and Compass. Spring loaded clip for attachment to belt, lanyard, etc. High visibility yellow body color.

UST Brands

UST Brands Learn & Live Knot Cards

Illustrates how to tie 11 essential knotsSix cards bound by a grommetWaterproof for durable, outdoor referencingThe Learn & Live Knot Cards are a handy reference for the most common knots used outdoors.

UST Brands

UST Brands Learn & Live Animal Tracking Cards

Each card shows the basic track shape along with some interesting facts about the animalSeven cards are attached with grommet so all cards stay togetherWaterproof for durable, outdoor referencingLearn to recognize the tracks of the most common wild...