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Coghlan's Sewing Kit

Contains: 150 (45 m) of thread in an assortment of colors, 8 buttons, 2 snaps, 5 safety pins, 2 straight pins, 5 needles, a needle threader, thimble and scissorsEasy to storeA handy companion for campers, backpackers and travellersA handy sewing...
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Gear Aid

Gear Aid Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel

PowerfulConcentratedLong LastingWhen you’re scuba diving or snorkeling, there’s nothing more annoying than a fogged-up dive mask. So why mess around with just any anti-fog treatment? De-fog with Sea Gold. Sea Gold by GEAR AID is a powerful formula that...

Gear Aid

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Peel & Stick Gear Patches

Peel & stick shaped repair patches for jackets and gearPersonalize gear, repair holes or hide stainsTenacious Tape™ adhesive stays put and won't peel offIntroducing Tenacious Tape™ Gear Patches by Gear Aid®. Say good-bye to the same old boring repair...