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Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights Guardian/ Trident Battery Pack Strip

4 Replacement BatteriesFits Guardian and Trident LightsBatteries typically last 250+ hours (while on flashing mode)The Guardian Trident uses two common CR-2032 Lithium cell batteries. A pre-wrapped battery pack of two cells comes with all Guardian models...

Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights Guardian Expedition- Blue

Emergency locator beaconPersonal ID Marker Light (be seen by others)Child / Pet locator beaconThe small, lightweight Guardian ™ is fully waterproof, impact resistant and omni-directional, making it reliable in almost any situation. During hiking...

Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It- White

2x Cr2032 3V Lithium Coin CellDOME LENSHigh Impact PolycarbonateThe carabiner* base on the Guardian™ Tag-IT allows it to be easily and conveniently attached to a variety of surfaces. Waterproof, impact-resistant and omni-directional, this light can be...